“I’ve Got Issues”

Yep, that’s what I was told yesterday.  I met with friends that I trust to share my heart’s desire .  If they weren’t such close friends I would have been offended, but I knew they are absolutely correct.  Each of us are on a journey to purity.  My son is dealing with a basic issue (http://tiny.cc/5jIOC) and I truly respect his willingness to open himself up to criticism, judgement, and valuable feedback.  If he can have guts like that, than I certainly should have no qualms about sharing my basic  issue.  So….

My heart’s desire is constant – it hasn’t changed (Blue Sky to Blue Print).   I’m a planner/strategy guy – a “get ‘er done” kind of guy.  The majority of us are wired the same way.  My basic issue is that I love to solve problems and fix things.   You might think this is trivial but for me it is sin.  It alienates me from completely “trusting in Him who He has sent” – John 6:29.    When I make a plan (which is not a sin) I seek God’s discernment and it becomes our plan.  I get busy with great intentions, a pure motivation, and high hopes.  The issue is I see it as our plan when it must totally be His plan.  I’m not God’s partner.  I’m simply God’s instrument.  Partnership implies I have something to offer when the truth is I’m nothing without God (1 Corinth 15:10).  Simply put – Pride (one of the 7 deadly sins)!

If I “love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and love my neighbor…” than I don’t need to develop plans that will fix things or fix people.   Folks don’t need to be fixed they simply need to be loved.One way to love others is to simply listen to them and encourage them to resdiscover their love for God.  While we listen to each other we might discover ways we can love others and together in some tangible way we will make a difference in their life or their community.  “My neighbor” is pastors/clergy.  I simply need to bring them together as friends, listen to them, and encourage them to rediscover their love for God while discovering how we might love others.


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