Just a Bed ?!

Recently I discovered that a friend in DC doesn’t have a bed.  He sleeps in a chair.  This is America, how does this happen in my backyard?  I think what really bothered me was that a fellow follower of Jesus told him that he would have a bed last Nov.  – now it’s April.

I’m constantly praying about this bed, about the guy that needs the bed, and for the guy who promised him a bed.  A day doesn’t go by I don’t ask God to reveal not only where a bed can be found but how to get my hands on it. 

I’ve discovered it’s  like looking for the Holy Grail.  I’ve been to plenty of Goodwill, Salvation Army, and thrift stores.  I’ve passed the word to friends thinking they might know someone who has a spare bed to give away.  I just need a twin bed or a roll away bed.  Yesterday I even visited Mattress Discounters to see what it costs to simply get a new twin bed ($200).  I wake up at night and think about this guy and that bed.  I guess you could say I’m either obsessed or on a mission – not sure which.  I certainly have seen it from the eyes of the guy who promised he’d get a bed – it’s not that easy – did he just give up?

Through it all I’ve wondered what God is up to – that little voice has told me “It’s not about the bed, it’s about letting me be God”.  Because of that I haven’t shelled out the money and just bought one – each time I chat with someone about that bed I realize how God will be glorified when that bed finally arrives.  That bed will appear – I know that without a bit of doubt.  I am concerned about my friend who has no bed – does he think I’m another follower of Jesus who just talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk?  This bed issue is so much more – the visible is the bed – the invisible is what God is doing in the various lives that are praying about this bed.

A friend constantly reminds me that life takes place “at the speed of prayer”.  Would you join me in praying about this issue?


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