More Than a Bed?! (#2)

Kudos to Mattress Discounters in Alexandria – they were very accommodating in arranging for a new mattress, box spring, and frame!!  God is good!!

When we get out-of-the-way and let the Holy Spirit work the results are always better than expected.  When hearts are convicted, and the motive is simply loving our neighbor as ourself, miracles take place.  I think we miss most miracles simply because we aren’t taking the time to relish in any down time – we’re always on the go. 

I have puzzled over why we easily want to give our “used extras” to those in need.  Does loving others as ourselves mean as we are – I don’t sleep on a used mattress and I don’t wear clothes from the thriftshop (well that might not be true  – my wife finds great savings at such places so I might be wearing used clothes and I’m to dumb to realize it) – there is nothing wrong with “used extras” – but if we love others as ourselves, as we would want to be treated,  is it right to give folks in need “used extras”?  I haven’t resolved this yet, so feel free to chime in and share your thoughts.

I continue to travel to DC several days a week to pray and mingle with the pastors, business,  government, and nonprofit  folks.   Some are residents, some are not.  I spend at least one night each week at a pastor’s home or sleeping on a couch or floor of a nonprofit.  I go with expectation and each week I have various “wow” moments.  I’m surprized how many pastors I continue to meet without calling/emailing to make an appointment.  Each time that happens it’s a “wow” moment and I’m always anxious to see why God wants us to spend time together.


One response to “More Than a Bed?! (#2)

  1. Not sure “is it right to give used” is the correct question. Rather, as always, what’s the heart motive. I give used items away if in good to great condition – if it’s “trash” then I trash-it! I’ve thought many times about having a yard sale with my items, my I believe the HS keeps reminding me that there are others in our society that can afford only to buy what is available say at a thrift store, etc. BUT I think I hear what you’re saying…usually we give away what we don’t want because it’s not as good as new. Again, we should be aware of our heart motive. We might also ask ourselves if we would give the new item if we could.
    I’ve been the recipient of pre-owned items all thoughout my life and have been very grateful. God provided in this way through some critical times in my life. I think perhaps it could be a win-win situation. Just check your heart. 🙂

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