Church With A Capital “C”

Sadly its a unique moment when the Church (with a capital C)  intentionally gets together and ignores the many obstacles that hinder unity (organizational names, control, finances, selfish leadership, pride, etc.). 

See what’s happening in Ohio: 

They get it !

Will the Church (Capital C) in the DC metro consider taking similar steps?


One response to “Church With A Capital “C”

  1. The Porch!

    Similar to what is taking place in Ohio, “The Porch” is a multi-church youth ministry created through Washington Community Fellowship with the support of Care Company. Current participating churches include WCF, Christ Our Shepherd , Church of the Resurrection, and Faith Tabernacle Church.

    The Porch is a holistic ministry of the Body of Christ that provides opportunities for youth in the Washington, DC area to hear about and experience the healing love of Jesus Christ, inviting them to engage in a journey of discipleship through authentic worship, reconciled relationships, and Christian community.

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