God’s $10K

Knollwood Community Church (KCC) exists to exalt God and reflect the glory of Christ by declaring His Truth, sharing His love, and caring for His people.  This church wants to invest up to $10k in someone who agrees in Spirit (“KCC Core Values“), can become a partner, and can help build capacity within God’s kingdom.   Now, before you go and send an email or get on the phone, take a deep breath; KCC is not soliciting proposals at this juncture:

Process:  Over the next few months (Jun/Jul), KCC is inviting the Body to pray/dialogue with God and with others … to ask, seek, and knock.  When you feel God has revealed an idea/suggestion, go ahead and share it as a comment to this blog post.  Later this summer (Aug), after reviewing and selecting some of the submitted ideas/suggestions, detailed proposals will be solicited.  After a vetting process (Sep), the KCC congregation will cast  a vote and make their decision.  If they are unable to discern God’s will, they might simply roll these funds over into the next budget cycle.   It’s all about seeking God’s will through prayer/dialogue, letting the Holy Spirit speak/guide, and ensuring that God receives all the glory.

Possibilities/Opportunities:  Should these funds be dispersed in increments so more will benefit?  Would it be better for one person to receive one lump sum gift?  Should these funds serve as “seed” money to help kick-start someone’s Godly vision?  Should an existing ministry use these funds to take that ministry to the next level?  Could a Godly couple suddenly be able to adopt that child that they’ve always wanted?  Could a church be planted?    Hmm…these are some of my thoughts – I wonder what ideas will come to your heart and mind?  The key is for the Body to have “eyes that see and ears that hear”.  

What is God saying to you?  Pray/dialogue and then post your comment.  I’m expecting some powerful, creative ideas!


8 responses to “God’s $10K

  1. I co-lead a non-profit focused on economic, healthcare, and community development in Macedonia. We seek to increase the impact factor of local churches and believers through partnering with them in projects that add value and build credibility. We seek to see all segments of society reached, from business and government leaders to the more than 30% who are unemployed in Macedonia. To that end, a grant of $10k could build kingdom capacity in three specific ways:

    1) Interns – 20% of the funds could fund 4 year-long internships at our non-profit for Macedonian college students seeking to use their training in business, healthcare, or social work for a greater kingdom purpose. They would be mentored and be involved in planning and implementing projects in their field of study. This would build capacity in our organization, and more importantly sharpen the vision and increase the kingdom impact of these young people down the road.

    2) Small business development center – We have plans to open a center for providing basic business skills training for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in a neighborhood in Macedonia with 50% unemployment. The vision is for community transformation through the creation of God-honoring businesses. 40% of the funds would cover a year of training courses for 20-30 participants.

    3) Healthcare seminars – The remaining 40% of the funds would be devoted to adding value and building capacity in the national healthcare system through training of key decision makers in better technology management. Our prayer is that influencers in healthcare and other sectors of Macedonia would be transformed as they see the difference that Christ makes in the workplace.

  2. Christian Leadership Development-Kenya, East Africa

    Through our school and church we have been ministering in Kenya since 2004 in the area of christian education (leadership training). In 2009 we established the Faith International Leadership Institute. Now we would like to further develop this institute of higher education to offer diplomas-master degree’s for church leaders and others. This will serve as an evangelistic and discipleship ministry also, because on the continent of Africa and Kenya specifically when training is offered in the church many others attend because of close connection to the church (government officials; business owners; military personnel; policeman; lawyers; doctors; teachers; non-profit leaders; and many others). To continue to support and strengthen persons involved , a consultation and trainining division will be established to serve them for future development. To insure that church ministries involved and other churches benefit from the institute, training and consultation a clergy and church fellowship will be established. With 10K (seed money) we would be able to put at least three staff members in full time work toward the planning and development of this ministry for the next two years and other needed programming with supplies and equipment that can be provided Presently there are 100+ graduates from this program at the diploma level, now moving toward degree level work. With funding we could work with the present students and be able to increase the enrollment over the next two years (estimate approx. 300-400 students) using a peer training system. The broard vision is that this ministry will develop through out all of Kenya, East Africa and then all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

  3. I would like to propose that the money be utilized to fund medical and educational programs in Sierra Leone, the country I visited last summer. Helping Children Worldwide is a consortium of churches that fund Mercy Hospital and the Child Rescue Centre in Bo, Sierra Leone. Mercy Hospital currently could use the money for its mobile prenatal unit which aims to prevent maternal and infant mortality in a country with one of the highest maternal and infant death rates in the world. One in eight women will die in childbirth, and one in five children do not reach the age of 5 years old. The prenatal mobile unit is able to prevent many of these deaths with just the most basic care and employs locals to attend to these needs. The money would be used to continue funding for this program and expand the number of women and children who can be reached.

    The Child Rescue Centre provides shelter, food, and education for the children it rescues off the streets. The CRC is currently focusing on rescuing children from child prostitution and slavery and giving them a safe, comfortable place to live and education while they rehabilitate with the hope that these children can then move into foster care in loving families. The funds would be used to further this goal of rescuing children and providing them with psychological care in addition to their other needs.

    After visiting Sierra Leone and the CRC last summer, I can say that while the need is great, the money goes a long way in such a poor country. These are some of the most deserving people, Christians who are incredible models for surviving adversity. Seeing the Christian outreach and education at both Mercy Hospital and the CRC gives me hope that Christ’s word can reach even more people in Sierra Leone.

  4. I have been involved in ministry in DC for over 20 years, and have been involved in philanthropy in DC for seven years. I am a co-founder of Cornerstone Schools of Washington, DC in Southeast, and am a Director of a Foundation that supports ministries in DC and around the world. In these two capacities, I have learned that Washington, DC is unique among major cities in its lack of major industries, lack of financially strong churches in the urban center, and distance (or hard to reach) between those in need and those with resources. As a result, ministries in DC have to put in a lot of effort seeking out churches and donors to give and volunteer in their ministries. Likewise, church mission committees and corporations in the suburban ring have a hard time knowing how to connect with ministries and which are worthy of their support.

    A good use of the $10k would be to set up a website and organization similar to Hope for New York (www.hfny.org) which has had a huge impact in NYC by helping ministries advertise their needs (volunteer and financial) and helping churches and businesses find ministries with which to partner. I have seen first hand how a “field day” at an afterschool program in the Bronx can attract 30 to 40 volunteers through the HFNY posting and network…something almost unheard of in Washington, DC.

    The Christian laborers in DC are understaffed, isolated, and lacking the resources necessary to do the work they have been called to do. No one needs to reinvent the wheel or wonder how best to help…visit HFNY’s site, visit their offices and call any ministry on their list to see how God is working. Then….duplicate the effort here in Washington, DC.

    I know I should be pitching Cornerstone, or Little Lights, or Central Union Mission…all doing great work in DC, however, this is an idea that would leverage the money for years, if not decades, to come.

  5. I have an idea for the $10,000. We could give it to the Voice of the Martyrs organization. The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide. VOM was founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned 14 years in Communist Romania for his faith in Christ. His wife, Sabina, was imprisoned for three years. In the 1960s, Richard, Sabina, and their son, Mihai, were ransomed out of Romania and came to the United States. Through their travels, the Wurmbrands spread the message of the atrocities that Christians face in restricted nations, while establishing a network of offices dedicated to assisting the persecuted church. Their ministry is based on Hebrews 13:3: Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

    They provide medical assistance, food, clothing, and other forms of aid. They support Christians who are willing to invite their fellow men, even their persecutors, to Jesus Christ through faithful deeds of love in a hostile environment. We supply Bibles, literature, radios, and other evangelistic tools. I think this would be a great way to support the body of Christ.

  6. What a wonderful thing to do and to present to others. At The Gate we invest about 97 cents on the dollar in other ministries and we rejoice in having an impact all over the world as we give to support orphans in Sudan and Uganda, widows and orphans in the Philippines, house the homeless in Haiti and many other global ministries as well as feeding the hungry and homeless in Washington DC. There are many people and places where $10,000 can go to meet the needs of people and fulfill Matthew 25 ministry to Jesus. On June 28 we are focused on providing water filters to families in Haiti through Compassion. $11,000 would provide 200 filters and water for 12,000 people for a life time. We are also focused on getting Bibles into the hands of the persecuted Church. $11000 will get 12,000 Bibles into the hands of those that hunger for His word through The Bible League. What a blessing you can be…..and there are always more to serve. May you be blessed in His riches in glory in Christ Jesus as you serve Him this way.

  7. A church I know of in the District, but will not mention because I don’t remember the details exactly, used to get lots of requests from community members for monetary help. They assisted many people, but wanted to use their resources fairly, so they did not by policy respond to solicitations.

    This church had a similar $10,000 and decided to go to a local bank with which they had a relationship and start a fund for neighbors. If someone needed emergency assistance or needed to borrow money, the church would ask if they were interested in a bank loan. If so, they would take the applicant to the banker they knew, ask him to evaluate the request as he would any other, and then the bank would loan the church’s money at the church’s risk.

    The program is no longer in operation because the banker moved and number of appropriate requests declined, but something along these lines is a possibility (if KCC can find a banker willing to facilitate the process). KCC’s fund could make loans to community members, or it could make loans to organizations.


  8. My name is Jason Yost. My wife and I run a non-profit based in Washington DC that focuses its energies on mobilizing churches & communities to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. We have a family right now that is adopting two kids from Haiti. In the process, they have felt the call of God to move to Haiti to be with their children, provide medical support to those in need, and assist in getting supplies and care to the surrounding communities. The family is planning to stay in Haiti until their boys get released to the US. This has been an amazing story that God is writing in our midst. We are in awe of His grace and compelled by His love to do everything we can for the sake of the children. You can read more of the story at http://www.findinghaiti.wordpress.com.

    We are in the process of helping facilitate this project with the family. They need to raise support for their entire stay. We would love to talk more about possibilities on how we can network together and become shareholders in this amazing story. Thank you so much for even considering this project. Thank you so much for pioneering something like this to help support the work that God is doing in the world. What a great example you are setting for us all.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or information. Thanks! jason@newrhythm.org | http://www.newrhythm.org
    James 1:27

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