God’s Presence

I’ve spent many years with various “bands of brothers” who have intentionally invested time in friendship.  We share a vision; we agree on what a transformed life and a transformed community might look like.  We often nit pick on how to see such an environment become reality…we’re busy men with different experiences and views, yet we continue to discuss this important matter.

Most of us have come to realize that God is always present (omni presence) and instead of going to God in prayer we don’t need to go anywhere; He’s always in our midst in every conversation.  We are continuously in prayer.  You can imagine how our time together changes when we remember that.

Most of us have matured to include Him in each conversation as active listeners.  We love Him and He continues to teach us to love others…to live His will on earth as it is in Heaven.  God is more than present, He is a permanent resident…He lives with us and we have become one family (indwelling presence).

One of these brothers often speaks about “signs and wonders”.   I’ve pondered why I see many more “wonders” when  he and I spend time together.  These “wonders” are God’s visible expression of His power (manifest presence).  I know neither one of us live in a totally right relationship with God…that’s our daily experiment.  So why do I sense God’s manifest presence/power when I spend time with thIs one guy…after all Jesus never said He would dole out His glory to some but that the glory His father gave Him has already been given to all those who believe and follow Him.

I’ve concluded that I need to continue to be a better listener while learning to be a better observer (ears to hear AND eyes that see).


5 responses to “God’s Presence

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  2. Dear Tom.
    Over the past several years now you’ve demonstrated that unique gift of bringing me into closer communion and communication with the Lord about my life and work. I frankly miss the chances we’ve had to speak and meet personally. As I read the lines above I remembered how you have challenged me to look at the work I’m engaged in and bring God closer to the center of everything I do – and the issues I face. You’ve opened opportunities to let God knead His leaven into the dough of my life and ministry here. It’s inspiring to meet with a man who sees the world through God’s eye and has the capacity to draw Him closer to the reality we face. Just wanted to acknowledge the truth of what you shared and let you know I’m looking forward to seeing you a bit later in the year.

  3. The first time I sat down to talk with Tom was a bit frustrating. It was truely a different kind of conversation. While he was caual in his relaxed style, he was listening carefully, as if to size me up on where I was coming from or going to. He was living in the moment. That’s a key component of effective listening is it not? From those we meet for the first time, to friends and family, yes and especially to the Holy Spirit, the more I listen, the more insight and information I gather. Thanks Tom for your fresh and unusual manner of getting into people’s head by not only listening, but also asking thought provoking questions that have made me realize my concept of God has been much too small.

  4. My brother it’s obvious, God hasn’t finished with you yet. However, what a great beginning and middle! Thank Tom for bring it!

  5. My thoughtful friend. This is well written and very thought provoking and challenging as always. You are learning the art of asking the right questions. When I look at you. I see the love of God radiating from you. His even given you the white hair to go with your growing wisdom…

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