Shaken But Not Stirred


Agent James Bond  (007) always ordered his Martinis “shaken but not stirred”.  Shaking the Vermouth and the Vodka or Gin together with ice chips in a shaker produces a much different cocktail than if one stirs those same ingredients together. Shaking produces a less potent, weaker cocktail as the ice melts faster and waters down the alcohol.  Drinking a weaker cocktail ensured 007 was never foggy minded and always able to perform his mission.

I think most would agree that God is always nudging (stirring) us to hear Him, to experience Him, to adore Him.  During circumstances that produce joy we tend to respond appropriately in awe and gratirude.  We tend to have the opposite response when the circumstances are reversed.

Does God shake us by providing circumstances that are vastly different from what we expect in an attempt to elicit the same response He receives when there are moments of joy? 

Perhaps we should be expectant and welcome being “shaken but not stirred”.


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