How Can We Make a Difference?

Most of us want to make a difference! We want to live a life of significance. We ask ourselves “What is my purpose?”

Most “social issues” exist as a result of:

1. Spiritual emptiness
2. Self-centered leadership
3. Poverty
4. Disease
5. Illiteracy

So, how does one make a difference in these areas?  One must first overcome his or her own challenges.

Relationships are the key. Friends make a difference through advocating for and with each other. Networking results in friendships. If friends in government, business, nonprofit, and faith based organizations begin to focus on reconciling differences rather than competing, the result is a community of friends who:

1. Equip servant leaders
2. Aid the poor,
3. Care for the sick
4. Educate the next generation

Perhaps you have some suggestions or just want to explore what how to overcome your own challenges and/or determine your role in making a difference.

Click on “Contact” and let’s chat!


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