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My favorite aunt turned 95 years old today.  Wow, when I think of all she’s experienced, all the battles she’s fought, and all the lives she’s touched it is such a wonder.  She’s watched so many that she loved pass away.  She still has her wits about her, knows how to use the internet (but seldom does), and goes for walks with her dog.  She will quickly tell you being old isn’t as wonderful as most think it is.  She wonders why God keeps her around.

I’m so grateful God has kept her around!  What a blessing she has been (and continues to be) to me and my family.  I get tears in my eyes knowing that each day could be her last, yet they are tears of immense love and an eerie sense of peace…probably because I know that through her life God has really outdone Himself in showing me how He cares and blesses those who are faithful at being a peacemaker.  She has been a Deuteronomy 5:33 woman.  She exemplifies 1 Kings 3:14 and Proverbs 16:31.  She always sees the silver lining and always encourages.

She’ll never see this but who cares:  Love you Nogi!  (Whispering):  Thanks God!