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Surprise Me

People often ask God to “surprise me”.  One dear friend recently shared with me that she had spent months praying/asking God to surprise her as she sought His will concerning a new job.  Mark Batterson in his best seller “The Circle Maker” also mentions this prayer strategy.  I’ve learned to ponder the pros/cons of any new concept/strategy until I can comfortably either discard or accept it as bogus or truth.  For me (emphasis on “for me” not everyone else), this “surprise me” prayer concept is bogus.

A surprise by definition is when a brief emotional state is experienced  as the result of an unexpected event.  In essence, surprises are the result of predictions that fail.

The basis of my desire to follow Jesus is faith/belief.  Belief that the promises Jesus has made are true.  Jesus tells us to “steep your life in God-reality, God-initative, God-provisions instead of worrying about missing out and you’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met” (Matt 6:33 MSG).  It just seems that when I ask God to “surprise me” I’m preoccupied with getting instead of giving.  Asking God to “surprise me” complicates matters … I feel as though I’m fussing over something I believe I need when reality is God has provided all I need.  Asking God to “surprise me” takes my focus from what God is doing in my life now to what I hope God might do for me in the future.  There is a difference between being surprised and being in awe and wonder.  I just want to be in awe!