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God’s 10K (Update)

In my earlier post I told you about a local church that had ASKed others to pray and submit ideas about how they might allocate and distribute $10k. Spending the 10k wasn’t the real goal.  The goal of the church was to pray and have unity about what God wants them to do with these funds.  The church leadership will be meeting this weekend to review and discuss each merit of each submission.  

Following the church leadership’s review, a summation letter will be mailed to each church member asking each to SEEK truth/discernment.  Each member will then share their views and in late Sep. the church body will hold a “business meeting” to vote.  KNOCK – persistence in getting ‘er done.  Now its time to join KCC as they enter this new season of prayer.

Jesus declared God’s name to His followers so that the love of the Father that was in the Son (Jesus) might me in us (Jhn 17:26).  Imagine if churches partnered in declaring God’s truth, sharing His love, and caring for His people.  One expression of truth/love might be to take the 10K of one church and make it 20K or even 100K through a partnership with other churches. United in love!  There would be some serious worship, prayer, and fellowship taking place! 

Learning love, sharing love…making disciples!  Wow!


God’s $10K

Knollwood Community Church (KCC) exists to exalt God and reflect the glory of Christ by declaring His Truth, sharing His love, and caring for His people.  This church wants to invest up to $10k in someone who agrees in Spirit (“KCC Core Values“), can become a partner, and can help build capacity within God’s kingdom.   Now, before you go and send an email or get on the phone, take a deep breath; KCC is not soliciting proposals at this juncture:

Process:  Over the next few months (Jun/Jul), KCC is inviting the Body to pray/dialogue with God and with others … to ask, seek, and knock.  When you feel God has revealed an idea/suggestion, go ahead and share it as a comment to this blog post.  Later this summer (Aug), after reviewing and selecting some of the submitted ideas/suggestions, detailed proposals will be solicited.  After a vetting process (Sep), the KCC congregation will cast  a vote and make their decision.  If they are unable to discern God’s will, they might simply roll these funds over into the next budget cycle.   It’s all about seeking God’s will through prayer/dialogue, letting the Holy Spirit speak/guide, and ensuring that God receives all the glory.

Possibilities/Opportunities:  Should these funds be dispersed in increments so more will benefit?  Would it be better for one person to receive one lump sum gift?  Should these funds serve as “seed” money to help kick-start someone’s Godly vision?  Should an existing ministry use these funds to take that ministry to the next level?  Could a Godly couple suddenly be able to adopt that child that they’ve always wanted?  Could a church be planted?    Hmm…these are some of my thoughts – I wonder what ideas will come to your heart and mind?  The key is for the Body to have “eyes that see and ears that hear”.  

What is God saying to you?  Pray/dialogue and then post your comment.  I’m expecting some powerful, creative ideas!

Nonprofit Dilema

Today a nonprofit organization must continuously apply and compete for limited funds (grants).  The very fact nonprofit organizations compete for limited funds just seems wrong.  Many of the most effective nonprofit organizations are the smaller ones who are like small mom/pop stores.  They are very relational and have various tasks that they perform better than most of the larger nonprofit organizations.  They don’t have a large budget and usually never get considered in the final cut for who will receive grant funding. 

Instead of encouraging those who serve the community to work in community, the system encourages competition.  Imagine if one of the eligibility requirements for a nonprofit organization to receive funds was that it must first partner with another nonprofit in the same neighborhood.  Together they would complement each other, develop community strategy,  and apply their “best practices” as they served the community.  Imagine how at-risk kids, the homeless, battered spouses etc.  would be affected.  There are so many nonprofit organizations attempting to fix the same problems I’m just not so sure they are really being effective. 

Here are some other funding issues:   Why do those who have money insist that those who need money match their giving – if they had the money they wouldn’t be asking for help – duh.  At least couldn’t those giving money insist that matching funds be provided at the end of funding period – somewhat like an advance or loan?  Why do nonprofits even have to ask for money?  Why don’t they develop economic engines that will keep them operational regardless what the economy is like.  The attitude is if money is obtained from a free source than all services provided must be free – that’s so wrong.  It’s not against the law for a nonprofit organization to have income stream – it’s against the law for a nonprofit organization to have a profit.

OK – my opinion – until we address how nonprofit organizations obtain funds the nonprofits who serve our community will continue to be less effective than they might otherwise be.  Maybe  its time to either change some laws or begin to work with nonprofits to help them develop in a new way.